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How to Use Blog Posts to Capture More Business

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You may not have thought about adding a blog on your website, but it’s time you did. Blog posts can help establish your USP, unique selling point, that sets you apart from similar businesses.


Joe wants the best dog food for his Yorkie.

He lands on Sam’s website. But he isn’t sure what kind to get.

So he leaves.

But this time…

When Joe searches for the best dog food for his Yorkie…

He lands on your website. Since he isn’t sure what kind to get, he looks on your blog.

He finds a post on how to choose the best dog food for his breed.

He then makes a purchase.

Blogspot says that 90% of their leads come from previous months blog posts

“But my business isn’t that kind of business. What would I put on a blog?”

Everyone’s business can benefit from blog posts. Keep reading to find out how.

Blog posts can serve several purposes that can enhance your business.

  • A blog can be used to drive traffic to your website. Utilizing key words in your industry will guide people searching for these topics to your website. While it takes a long time to move to the top of search engine rankings, consistently adding content to your site alerts Google and other search engines that your site is legitimate.
  • If you sell products or services, you can use blog posts to promote these products. For example, a plastic surgeon could have a post going into more detail about a specific surgery: what to expect after the procedure, benefits, etc. A blog could also be used to showcase new products.
  • By writing about important industry topics, you establish your company as an expert. In the case of a veterinary website, blog posts might identify symptoms and cures for common pet ailments. With detailed articles, visitors to the site immediately recognize this vet knows what he is talking about.
  • They can serve as a place where clients gain useful information. By giving your customers helpful tips they spend more time on your website. When they need your products or services they will return to you, instead of the competition. For instance, someone selling nutritional supplements may post healthy recipes or exercise tips on their blog. Then when someone frequenting the blog wants to buy supplements, this website is the logical place to go.
  • People are more likely to buy from someone whose brand they know and trust. A blog is a good place to introduce staff members, creating a relationship with your customers.
  • A blog can also support marketing activities by writing posts that correspond with your marketing calender.

Utilize a CTA, call to action, to move prospects further along

You can create a CTA, call to action, at the end of each post, depending on what your goal for the post is. If you are showcasing a new product, or demonstrating how to use a product, the CTA would be to buy the product.

Informative posts might request clients share the post on social media to get brand exposure. Informational posts can also use a CTA to sign up for an email list. This way customers don’t miss out on additional information in the future.

If you are using a post to explain a service your CTA might be to call to schedule a consultation.

So, now what?

Are you ready to get started? Your head is probably swirling with ideas. Jot them down while they are still fresh.

You might be thinking, what if I run out of ideas? I’m not a writer, I can’t do this. Or maybe you just don’t have the time for a blog because you are too busy running your business.

If you still want to take the next step in building your business, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation. We can discuss how I can help you with blog posts for your website.

If you like what we come up with during our collaboration, we can take it to the next step. If not, you still walk away with some more ideas to improve your business, than you had before. It’s up to you. Just click the button below to get started.

Donna Emperador created Innovative Copywriting to help others build their businesses using creative content. She is enthusiastic about the written word and owns a travel blog at and the wine blog

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