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Add Powerful Case Studies to Strengthen Your Credibility

case study of satisfied customer

Nobody likes a braggart. Consequently, that makes it hard to build credibility without tooting your own horn. That is where case studies and testimonials come in. Create powerful proof that your products and services work, by using words from real people who have used them.

Give a behind the scenes look at the customer journey with genuine customer case studies

Similarly, you can use case studies to provide concrete proof of the value of your service or product. You can give a brief testimonial on a home page. However, a full case study should have its own page. Case studies can be 1-2 pages long to be thorough. Of course, this is too lengthy to include on a homepage.

What should case studies include?

  • Customer background – Start with the customer background. You want to give enough background so people reading will be able to relate to the customer.
  • Identify the challenge – What problem was the customer having? Why was this obstacle a problem? What goals was the problem getting in the way of meeting?
  • Solution – How did your product or service solve the customers problem? In addition, you can include solutions the customer tried that didn’t work, before discovering yours.
  • Results – Then tell how using your product or service made the customer’s life better. Paint a picture so perspective clients can see themselves in the customer’s shoes. Ultimately, you want readers to envision themselves having the same success as the person in the case study.

Where do I get information for case studies?

To gather information for case studies, you have a few options. If you have a physical location for your business, you can talk to regular satisfied customers. Then ask if you can use their story for a case study.

A best practice would be to schedule a time for an interview, instead of trying to get information on the spot. This allows you time to write down the questions you want to ask. Another thing you want to do is ask permission to record the interview. It is difficult to pay attention when you are trying to take notes. This way you can take notes while listening to the recording later.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Big Commerce

For online businesses, you can elicit volunteers for case studies in your newsletters. Or get them from people who comment on your website’s blog posts. You could then follow up with a phone interview or send them a brief questionnaire to inspire details of their story.

Most importantly, you want the case study to reflect your typical audience. After all, the whole idea is to get potential customers to identify with the case study. They should be able to imagine themselves as the person in the case study.

Can I use case studies other places besides my website?

Of course. You can even highlight a case study as part of a newsletter. Turn it into a video for a webinar or use the interview in a podcast. Clips can be used for social media such as YouTube. Or shorten the case study as a Facebook post. Due to it’s business audience, case studies posted on LinkedIn are a great way to reach B2B clients.

Coordinate enthusiastic testimonials on your home page

Testimonials are a short version of a case study. They are the perfect way to boost credibility on a home page. To get testimonials, talk to real customers. Get a quote and permission to use their name. If possible, snap a photo as well.

Don’t worry if their quote is wordy. Regulations allow you to edit testimonials as long as you don’t alter the original meaning. However, don’t polish it too much. While you want it to be brief and to the point, you still want it to sound like a real person.

Does this sound good, but you are too busy running your business to make time for this? You don’t have time to track down possible candidates for a case study, let alone interview them. Forget about writing it up and marketing.

Don’t Despair!

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